Monday, November 09, 2015


Oh NaBloPoMo. You defeated me again. Last thing I remember I started a post on Thursday maybe? And then my iPad died. I meant to finish it later. But I forgot and the next thing I know it's Monday. 

I have no idea what I started writing about. Lol. 

Even under the best circumstances I probably never would have made it everyday this month. We shipped the kids off to my moms on Friday and hit the road to Edmonton. Usually I do all my Christmas shopping online but figured we might as well get a big chunk done while walking around West Edmonton Mall.  Plus we saved the PST on all the stuff we were planning on getting anyways. Like the BIG present the kids are getting. Because we really need more video games in the house. About as much as we need more Lego. 

So yes, it was a good weekend. A small fortune was spent and we will not be buying each other gifts this Christmas. Cause we bought ourselves a king sized bed. Our queen wasn't cutting it with all the animals that think they need to sleep with us. 

I just remembered what I was writing about on Thursday. It involved a kitten who likes to eat anything, a rug that unravels into strings when you pull (or chew) on it, and a lot of poop. Everywhere. 

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Becky said...

But you could still write posts!!!! That one you were working on sounds awesome. I love when you post. I suppose I could just phone you more often and accomplish pretty much the same thing, but I talk to much. Yes. You need to post. Once a week even???