Monday, November 02, 2015

Day 2 (I really hate coming up with titles. It's the hardest part)

So how does everyone (Becky) feel about a month of daily summaries. Cause that is seriously what this is going to turn into. Lol. I lead a pretty uneventful life. For example, today I shampooed the downstairs carpet.  SHAMPOOED THE CARPET, GUYS. It really doesn't get more thrilling than that. I could post a picture of the Bissel machine I used, just to liven things up. But that would involve going downstairs. And I'm busy eating Halloween candy and drinking a chai eggnog latte. I'd take a picture of the latte cup but it's empty now. Hmm. How about a picture of the dog. She's going for a haircut tomorrow. Before and after photos! That's 2 days down. This NaBloPoMo stuff is easy. 

1 comment:

Becky said...

Before and after is genius!

And I need to do my carpets. I want to see the machine.